About Dr. Rizk

Dr. Mina Rizk is one of the less 25% of Endodontists in the U.S. that are Board Certified. He has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years in many locations all over the world and has moved to Texas in the past few years, focusing on serving the people of Greater Houston. 

Dr. Rizk completed his Endodontics residency, and received his Masters of Science in Dentistry at one of the top programs in the nation in Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelors of Dental Science degree, as well as two Diplomas in Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt in 2007, and practiced General Dentistry for 6 years after that in Egypt and Qatar. 


Prior to opening Foundation Endodontics, Dr. Rizk spent a few years practicing in many locations scattered throughout Greater Houston, where he listened carefully to his patients’ wants and needs to make their treatment experience more comfortable. Through his passion for design and understanding his patients’ needs, Dr. Rizk designed Foundation Endodontics to be centered around the patients’ comfort first. He continues to stay on the forefront of the latest technological advances in the root canal treatment methods, instruments, and equipment; and implements them in his practice.

Through his years of practice, Dr. Rizk performed thousands of Endodontic procedures and has accrued a wealth of knowledge demonstrated in a comprehensive mastery of root canal treatment that he leverages to provide his patients with excellent treatment and the highest quality care. He is a compassionate and devoted family man, and always thinks of his patients and treats them as family, striving to provide them with the comfort they deserve. 


He and his wife, Sally, live in Houston, Texas. Together, they enjoy traveling, experiencing new cultures, making friends and trying new food. 

Dr. Rizk is a proud member of the following societies:

  • American Association of Endodontists

  • American Board of Endodontics

  • American Dental Association

  • Texas Dental Association

  • Greater Houston Dental Society

Board Certified Endodontist
America Association of Endodontists
Texas Dental Association
Greater Houston Dental Society