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What is internal bleaching?


Internal Bleaching (intracoronal bleaching) is a technique used to whiten the appearance of teeth and is different than over-the-counter solutions used to whiten teeth (extracoronal bleaching). Internal bleaching must be conducted by your doctor and can only be performed after successful root canal therapy.


Not everyone is a candidate for internal bleaching and one of our doctors will evaluate your case on an individual basis.

Is internal bleaching right for me?


If you have a severe tooth infection, your doctor may recommend that you have root canal therapy, and then place a full coverage restoration (Dental Crown) to completely cover up your tooth. In this case, bleaching won’t be necessary, since the tooth will be covered up and replaced with a tooth-shaped dental crown. 

However, if your tooth is infected and stained, but it doesn’t require treatment with a crown, internal bleaching may be recommended along with root canal therapy and a filling to restore the tooth’s natural function and appearance.

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