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What is Apexogenesis?

It is not uncommon to find incompletely developed teeth that require some form of endodontic intervention due to extensive cavities or traumatic injury. When such a situation presents itself, an assessment of the pulp (the part in the center of a tooth made up of living connective tissue and cells) and the degree of tooth development must be made in order to develop a treatment plan for long-term tooth retention.

Apexogenesis is a procedure that addresses the shortcomings involved with capping the inflamed dental pulp of an incompletely developed tooth. The goal of apexogenesis is the preservation of vital pulp tissue so that continued root development may occur and to minimize any further damage. A portion of inflamed pulp is removed and filled with a bioceramic material that maintains vitality in the roots. Healthy tissue then allows for continued root development. When root development is complete, a traditional root canal can be performed.

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