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Considering Tooth Extraction? Here's why you Should Consider Endodontic Retreatment First

Hands down, a root canal is the number one way to save healthy teeth. However, there are a number of misconceptions about modern endodontic treatments, which can often be chalked up to past stigmas. It's a human condition to fear what you don't understand, and many people don't know that today's endodontic treatments, like root canals, are less painful and more successful than ever before. Here are the most common reasons patients decline endodontic treatment.

Root Canals Are Extremely Painful

Root canals have gotten a bad reputation for being painful, but that was years before dentists discovered and began using the most effective anesthetics. Without good anesthesia, root canals can be painful, but modern medicine makes root canals and other endodontic treatments quick and virtually painless. Medication can also control pain after the procedure as prescribed by your dentist.

Endodontic Treatment Can Lead to Illness

Some sources suggest that endodontic treatments like root canals can lead to other illnesses, like cancer, stroke, heart disease, and more. However, there's simply no evidence that shows where this link exists. Although it's easily proven that root canals can save healthy teeth, there are no studies that indicate that they cause disease anywhere in the body.

Dental Implants Are Better

Many patients have erroneously been told that dental implants are superior to endodontic treatment. Often, dentists will paint a grim picture of a root canal to a patient -- a painful procedure that is likely going to result in getting an extraction and a dental implant. They neglect to go into detail the possibility of needing a bone graft, especially if the extraction is done awhile before the implant. Bone grafts take a long time to heal before they're ready to accept the implant hardware. Once the implant has been placed, another healing period is required before putting the cap on. This means that it may be several months before a patient with a missing tooth gets a cosmetic replacement. A root canal, however, can save a tooth from the inside out, without any changes to appearance externally.

If a tooth can be saved, it's far better for the patient to keep their natural teeth intact as long as possible. Before you opt for a tooth extraction, consider how endodontic treatment may have more benefits for you. For more information about root canals and other treatments, or for an appointment, call Foundation Endodontics today at (281)-961-0961.

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